About Zoë

Zoë Arden has specialised in communications for her entire career. She has delivered presentation and storytelling training, as well as one-on-one coaching to executives at companies including Adidas, ARM, Google, Microsoft and SnapChat.

Comfortable working with groups of 100 plus, she particularly enjoys working with smaller groups and one-to-one with senior leaders where she has the opportunity to both help develop and strengthen the narrative and ensure it is delivered in the most impactful and authentic way by the speaker.

Zoë knows how to get the best out of people so that they can deliver an authentic and powerful narrative. Her experience of working with boards and diverse stakeholders really helped me craft a story that would resonate with my key audiences.

Senior Manager, CSR Europe, Marriott International 

Zoë delivered a high impact 'train the trainer' session for my team that was both effective and fun. Personally, it helped me deliver an effective board pitch the following week that got the response I wanted! Her style is informative, engaging and appealed to all levels in my team.

Senior Director, Organisational Experience, ARM

I've been inspired by Zoë's storytelling tactics and seen how her training has been effective in several markets in Asia - particularly the hundreds in her Philippine and Hong Kong audiences. Her passion, energy and charisma were infectious - and certainly brought out the storyteller in everyone.

CEO, The Purpose Business

We include Zoë on the syllabus of all our post-graduate courses in sustainability leadership, because we want to ensure that our graduates can be effective change agents, and this includes knowing how to deliver a powerful story to their key stakeholders.

Course Director, CISL

Develop authentic narratives that drive change and empower stakeholders to act.


Storytelling training provides you and your team with the strategies and tools needed to develop effective ways to engage and collaborate with stakeholders.

To move beyond the puffery and towards connecting conversations that are authentic and real, and most importantly help advance the organisation’s strategic objectives.

Typically delivered as in-person interactive sessions, we focus on helping you craft the meaningful messages and inspiring stories that help ‘turn the lights on’ for the variety of stakeholders you work with.

Participants hone their skills through live exercises, videos and review with peers so they can see the results and refer back to what they did in the session.

Training can be delivered to individuals, groups or in a ‘train the trainer’ format and post-training support and feedback is also available.

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Stakeholder Universe Mapping

Who do participants engage with, why do they matter and what are their interests and priorities?

Telling a Compelling Story That Sticks

Video examples of best (and worst) practice in storytelling and presenting

Personal Story Development

Refinement of your key take away message and delivery (including video recording and play back)

Coaching and Feedback

Passionate about the power of communications to help achieve organisational goals.


Associate of think tank and advisory firm SustainAbility

Fellow; Convenor and Head Tutor of High Impact Leadership course CISL

Trustee of UK environmental charity Hubbub

Trustee of entrepreneurial charity Bioregional